Zoeva Naturally Yours Makeup look
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Zoeva Naturally Yours palette gave me an amazing Friday night look!

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Zoeva Naturally Yours Makeup look

I don’t own a lot of expensive makeup. The only exception I made was Zoeva’s two eye shadow palettes – En Taupe and Naturally Yours. I instantly fell in love with these two when I saw them online. It still took me a good couple of weeks to decide to make the purchase. Naturally Yours is a collection of very basic and oh-so-needed-in-your-life shades. You get shades from light beige to black so there is a lot to choose from. En Taupe contains 10 different shades of pink and purple. They both offer such a big range of looks in two of my favourite ranges of colours, but that’s not all. They are so easy to apply and blend!  For someone who struggles with applying makeup, this was a lifesaver.

For this makeup look, I used Naturally Your palette as I was going for a more nude-brown look. I should probably mention that I do not own a big variety of brushes. The ones that I’m using are from Primark and Claire’s (at least what’s remaining of my collection, I’ve had it for years).

Zoeva Naturally Yours palette

First, I primed my face using Rimmel’s BB Cream in a shade Light. I then put Rimmel’s Wake me up foundation and concealer. To put all liquid products on I use a beauty blender. I powdered everything with Stay Matte powder and that was my base makeup done.

Zoeva Naturally Yours makeup look

I filled my eyebrows in with Models Own Brow Now! brow powder in a shade Dark Brown. I then brushed them with an eyebrow brush to remove the excess of the product to make it look more natural. To keep my eyebrows in place I use Brow This Way gel from Rimmel. I only put a tiny bit as I find it can make your eyebrows stick together and it looks really weird.

Zoeva Naturally Yours makeup look

To create this eye look I first used the lightest shade in the palette called First Love. I put it all over my lid and above my eyebrows to make them more defined. Then I put Pure shade over my eyelid. For the crease of my eye, I used a variety of shades (because no one can stop me). First, I went in with Soft & Sexy shade and put in in the whole crease which I then blended in very smoothly. To mix things up, I decided to go with Forever Yours on top of it. I was never too sure about this particular shade as it looks very shimmery and brown but it turns reddish when you blend it in. Which is why I didn’t put too much at first, but I gradually built it up and blended it in.

To finish the look I picked up the angled eyeliner brush (never in my life have I used it for eyeliner). Using Timeless Chic drew a line as close to my eyelashes as possible. I like the look I get from using a black eyeshadow instead of an eyeliner. It gives you more of a definition, but without the pressure of applying a liquid gel. I also put the same shade on the 1/4 of my lower lash line and blended it in slightly. At the end, I used Day 2 Night Mascara. I’m still scared that if I put false lashes on my real ones will fall out. Sue me.

Zoeva Naturally Yours makeup look

I’m actually really bad at contouring so, quite simply, I don’t do it and I still like the look that I get. I avoid bronzers and highlighters, at least until I learn how to do it properly (anyone willing to give me a few lessons?). To finish my makeup off, I put Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in Pink Rose and spray my face with #Insta Fix & Go Setting Spray. And I’m ready to go!

Zoeva Naturally Yours makeup look

Let me know in the comments how I did and what you’d like to read about next!

What is your favourite eyeshadow colour/palette?

Julia xx

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13 thoughts on “Zoeva Naturally Yours palette gave me an amazing Friday night look!”

  1. Honestly, I have never heard of this brand. Love the look you achieved with their eye palette! I definitely need to invest in a nude eye palette.

    1. It is so good! I use both of my Zoeva’s palettes all the time. I used to borrow my flatmate’s Urban Decay Naked palette, I loved it but could never afford it. So I got 2 Zoeva’s palettes for the price of 1 Urban Decay and I’m very happy with it!

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