A black bag with accessories spilled on the floor in an artistic mess
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What’s in my bag, you’re asking? Loads of dirt, apparently…


A black bag with accessories spilled on the floor in an artistic mess

I am in love with my bags. But usually cannot be bothered to put my things from one bag to another, especially not on a regular basis. Unless you call that ‘once a year’. So naturally, my bag gets filled up with many necessary and not-so-needed-but-still-good-to-have objects.
For the purpose of this blog post, I decided to empty this black hole of mine and write a brutally honest description of its contents. Here we go.

  1. Purse. This one is an obvious one. Very much needed, very much loved by me and used many times which is why it’s actually losing its original pattern on it and turning into a weirdly shaped mass in an odd colour. It used to be really pretty, trust me. I got it a couple of years ago from Accessorise. I was in a desperate need for a new purse as my old one was falling apart, but it still took me about two months to find a replacement because I wasn’t sure if I deserved one (does anyone else has this dilemma about buying new things or is it just me?). This baby was just a perfect pick and it was so worth the wait. It usually doesn’t hold any money though – not because I don’t want it to, I would love to fill it up to its rims; if I have actual money in my purse and go out I am 90% sure that I would spend it all. Mostly on things I don’t actually need or have space for. So my purse is a house for loads of other things: countless membership cards (Clubcard points, reward points, stamp cards, sticker cards and some other ‘Go f**k yourself’ cards), a four-leaf clover (yay me), dried fish brass pieces (according to Polish tradition it’s meant to bring money – mine must be lazy or broken) and, of course, some creepy looking passport photos of my friends and family members (I haven’t come across a non-creepy one).
  2. Phone. My beloved Sony Xperia in its beautiful coral colour. People may look at me like I’m a weirdo but at least I don’t have a problem with finding it in my bag! Not that it ever actually ends up in there, most of the time I carry it around like it’s a baby.
  3. Umbrella. Another lovely product from Accessorise. Crucial belonging in your bag in England – you just never know what can happen with the weather. I love the fact that it’s so colourful and has pink hearts all over it. I try my best to add some colour to grey weather whenever I can. My boyfriend still refuses to hold it though, don’t know why 😉
  4. A cosmetic bag. Well, it’s not actually a cosmetic bag. It’s a see-through bag that you use at the airport going through the security. Maybe it doesn’t actually look sassy or presentable but at least I know what is inside and what I should buy to enhance its contents. I’m also the go-to person when someone needs a tissue or a deodorant. Inside it I keep the essentials – tissues, because for some reason my nose is always runny outside 365 days of the year; lip crayons and lip liners I currently obsess about; hand cream; deodorant, very much needed especially in summer; a couple of perfumes if I don’t feel like smelling of grapefruits; mints, just in case I run into Harry Styles anytime soon and I need to be prepared; some ladies necessities, because everyone knows red army attacks when you least expect it.
  5. I tend to carry a weird bundle of animals and shiny objects around – nothing else but my keyrings. I believe I have a very unhealthy obsession. Do I need that many keyrings? No. Am I going to buy more? Of course. They all have a meaning (I sound like a keyring hoarder, don’t I?). I have a dinosaur from Natural History Museum which I got for my birthday. A frog prince from Austria. The Deathly Hallows symbol. A photo of me with One Direction wax figures. A real estate agency keyring (I can get rid of that one). A letter M with a Mickey Mouse on it. And there is so much space for more! Oh, and I have only one key attached to the whole bundle.
  6. Oyster card. Wouldn’t get very far without it. I’m still on the lookout for a cool holder for it though, I seem to not be able to find a one that would actually speak to me. And the one that wouldn’t fall apart after a year.
  7. Stray coins, because my purse won’t hold it in properly anymore. Plus sometimes I can’t be bothered to put them in because I get anxious people in the queue behind me will blame me for missing their train (anyone else?).
  8. Receipts from years ago. I always think to myself that I will actually check them later and store them in a good place just to make sure my bank statements are correct. I never do that, but I still ask for a receipt everywhere I go. And then quickly roll it up and dump it in my bag. Because I will definitely need to know that I bought three boxes of Ben&Jerry’s in five years’ time.
  9. Crumbs… Wait crumbs? Where did that come from? I certainly wasn’t secretly snacking on anything… or was I?

So there you go! My bag is all empty. Now that I actually emptied it, I should probably go and clean it, get rid of crumbly evidence… I mean all the rubbish that piled in there and start fresh! Probably using the same bag though.

What do you like to keep in your bag?

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