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Wanderlust took me to… Corfu

View of Corfu Town

We have had a really nice and sunny summer this year in London. Which is why, in my opinion, I react so badly to the rainy days. Despite my biggest efforts, I am not able to go on holiday this year (sad face), but thanks to the weather it felt a little bit like I was away. I don’t have the powers to control the weather (yet!) so when clouds cover up the sky I make myself cosy in bed with candles lit up and I fly away to the most beautiful destinations I have already visited.

Today, it’s Corfu. This not-too-little-not-too-big Greek island became a safe haven for Odysseus on his eventful way home and it became my remedy for all the sorrows. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it from the plane – and felt more infatuated with every day spent there. Corfu is said to be the greenest Greek island. And it certainly is. With everything blooming around us I could not feel anything less but relaxed.

We chose to stay on the East Coast in a little town called Messonghi. It turned out to be a very good choice. The town was filled with more mature travellers and not with young party-goers, so there were no clubs or parties nearby. Such a peaceful area. What is more, it only took us about 30-40 minutes to get to the capital of the island to where we travelled multiple times.

View of Corfu Town Sea view with a little island in the middle

Walking around the capital feels like something out of this world. With its Venetian streets filled with little shops, you can always find something for yourself. Even though I was window-shopping most of the time, I did find amazing places where I just had to buy something! I am not a big fan of doing anything but sitting by the sea when on holiday, but I am so happy I made an exception with Corfu. Once I walked into the town and got lost in the labyrinth of quirky streets, all I wanted to do was to come back every day. I even did some sightseeing and enjoyed it (gasp).

Very often locals would advise us to rent a car and use it to go around the island. It did sound like a fabulous idea, but I don’t feel super confident behind a wheel in normal conditions and, believe me, Greek streets and drivers are something else. I felt a lot safer on a bus, even though I did have moments when I thought we were going to crash. Public transport in Corfu is really cheap and will not break the bank. It also makes it so much easier to admire the views!

A narrow street with clothes hanging above

Green view from a balcony

I am absolutely in love with Greek food, it is one of the best cuisines in the world in my opinion. Bursting with flavour every bite sends chills down my spine. Of course, you can find other cuisines in Corfu (there’s even a McDonald’s if that’s what you’re after) but why come to Greece if you don’t visit at least one taverna? No one can run a restaurant like Greeks – I always feel so welcome from the moment I walk through the door. Sometimes they even give you extra food for free, just because you exist! And I’m always up for free food.

I am a sucker for carbs. Greeks did not disappoint me with their choice in pastries, bread and desserts – I had absolutely everything there was on offer. I even stole some food from the children’s corner in the hotel restaurant (their chicken nuggets looked like animals!). Spinach pie, baklava, pita bread, doughnuts… I was in my carb heaven. I also consumed buckets of Greek salad. If I didn’t like anything about Greece, I would want to go back purely because of their food. Fortunately, I love everything about it.

Clear blue seaCorfu may be just a little island but it definitely is far away from boring. I will always cherish the memories I made there and will come back to them whenever the weather gets a bit dull.

Who knows where I end up next?


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