The pressure for perfection in the blogging community

The pressure for perfection in the blogging community

When people think of blogging they think of pretty flatlays, gorgeous photoshoots, incredible blogger mail and fancy events with lots of freebies. At least that’s what I thought for a very long time. Which is probably why my first attempt at blogging failed miserably after a month. I didn’t have any knowledge on how to blog and what it takes to become visible online.

I’m not going to make any new discoveries by saying that blogging is a lot of hard work.

Long gone are the days when people could treat their blogs like personal diaries where they scribble something every now and then and add a photo of themselves taken using a flip phone. And magically people would stumble across that online diary to read it.

The pressure for perfection in the blogging community

I have been sitting in my bed for the past four days trying to find the motivation to write a new blog post. Frankly speaking, I have been looking for that motivation for the past 2 weeks. I didn’t feel like I could produce the content I wanted or what I wanted to write about in the first place. Let alone take photos for it. Why? Because I don’t feel good enough when I compare myself to other people in the online world.

Wherever you look online you get to see amazing content written with wit, humour and a dose of sarcasm which I love so much. Completed with perfect shots of whatever is currently popular amongst people, it makes for a great read. Especially if it’s relatable and makes me nod my head in understanding and relief that I’m not the only one doing this.

As much as I love reading other bloggers’ posts, it makes me feel a bit ‘meh‘ when I look at my blog. Because my photos aren’t as good. Because I can’t afford the latest makeup, write monthly favourites posts or recommend many things simply because ‘hey why would anyone listen to me in the first place?‘ Because of that I sometimes don’t even want to bother with it.

The pressure for perfection in the blogging community has been killing my creativity.

And, if you’re a little bit like me, it’s come upon you as well.

We all want our blogs to be successful, be contacted by different brands to promote their products and just write, write and write because that’s what we like to do. Everyone likes it when their numbers go up making it possible to hit their monthly/yearly goals, therefore completing the cycle and making brands more likely to put bloggers on their PR lists. But what happens when we run low on these numbers? Usually, at least for me, the motivation to produce any content drops equally as low. Suddenly a ton of excuses appear in my head:

Why do I bother if no one wants to read it?

Ahhhh it’s too dark to take any photos.

Hmmm… maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.

I don’t have any good ideas, I’ll just wait.

I mean… I deserve a rest every now and then right?

The pressure for perfection in the blogging community

Some people call it a writer’s block. But sometimes, even though I have the ideas, I just don’t feel like they are good enough to write down.

It can be tricky to overcome this thread of thoughts, but it’s not impossible.

It’s difficult not to compare your blog to other, sometimes more successful, blogs. But guess what? There is no one else like you. It may sound like a cliche but it’s so true. It’s your point of view on life, it’s your opinions and what matters the most – it’s your blog. And it’s meant to be what you want it to be. Why? The most successful bloggers in this world made it to the top not because they were true to themselves. They owned it, worked very hard and it so happened that people liked it.

Remember why you started your blog in the first place.

Work hard. Write what you want to write about. Be happy with what you produce. Have a blogging schedule or don’t have it at all. Stick to one niche or write about everything and anything. And most importantly be yourself. There is only one you. And sure, a lot of topics have been already talked about, but every day I come across posts about things I didn’t even think of! The blogging universe may be packed and full of creative and talented people, but, like our very own universe, it is constantly expanding and is very welcoming towards new bloggers.

And don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Creativity can flourish and blossom the most when it’s not forced.

I wish you all the best and am looking forward to reading everything you post.

Until next time xx

How do you deal with the pressure for perfectionism not only in the blogging community but also in everyday life?

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Disclaimer: The photos in this post were provided by the lovely Paula from Thirteen Thoughts. She’s an amazing human being saving lives when the weather outside is not helping take half-decent photos.

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37 thoughts on “The pressure for perfection in the blogging community”

  1. This post was just what I needed to stumble across. ☺
    Seeing so many perfectly styled blogs really intimidated me when I wanted to start my blog. I was looking at others and wondering how I would be able to “compete”. Then I started researching to make sure I would do things “right”. It’s a lot of pressure and it is overwhelming.
    But, it’s sonething I wanted to do so I finally got the nerve this week to JFDI! I had a lightbulb moment where I though “stop stressing, start writing and start telling people”, and now that I have it feels such a relief!!

    1. Go you! It can be really daunting when you start comparing yourself to others and thinking of blogging as a competition. Just be you and it will be amazing!

  2. I completely agree with everything you said! Especially that there’s no one else like you. There’s so many popular blogs that personally I don’t like to read at all and then again so many smaller ones that I love and vice versa.

    Every time I feel like this I take a step back and try to get inspired by the blogs I love. For example, if I keep comparing my photography to other’s, I go through their blogs and start thinking what I can do to get myself to the same level as them but with my own style! I’m not quite sure if I was able to explain that as clearly as I was supposed to but I hope you get the point! Also, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog, especially your writing style :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  3. i honestly struggle with this on a daily basis and have decided to take a big break from blogging and start again in the new year as its gotten me down that much. for me i remember why i started but it often gets to a place where is that even enough anymore as like you said we all want to grow and be successful.

    This was so refreshing to read , thanks for sharing xx

    1. Take you time! Sometimes a good break is all you need, take as much time as you need and see how you feel! I hope you get back into it and fall in love with blogging again <3

  4. This is a lovely post! I suppose we can all relate to this at some point during our blogging life! There’s just so much around us that we have to be careful of and there is a lot of pressure. I definitely have my moments but I just have a little break then think about why I started. Thank youu for this post! It’s definitely got me thinking.

    Gemma |

  5. I love this post- very relateable and perfectly executed. For me I find it so hard to ignore the pressure and I allow myself to get worked up and stressed over it but I find that if I tell myself to remember why I started blogging in the first place then it helps me basically breathe and relax. I have a passion for blogging and I just need to remember that I’m blogging for me and for no one else xxx

  6. This post speaks to me on so many levels, I literally struggle with this problem so much and often worry what people will think then will put off writing blog posts for fear it won’t be good enough or not up to my standards let alone all the other amazing bloggers out there! I really need to learn to just be me and out worry about other people x

    Chessie | 🌿

  7. I try not to concentrate too much on comparing my blog to others. I know for a fact that I won’t ever have the exact photography style as other bloggers, and I also know that my writing style will never be just like them either. Everyone goes through their own blogging journey, and while I know I’m improving everyday, I never want to compare my blog with someone else’s. Great post, It was really well written! You have nothing to compare yourself to others xxx

    Melina |

  8. I completely agree with this post, and it gets so difficult to deal with it at times, but it’s important to remember that we are all, or at least should be, blogging for ourselves – of course it’s nice to know other people love your work, but write because you love it first and foremost! 🙊 I hope you’re feeling a little less ‘stuck’ now.. 🖤

    Andi |

  9. I totally agree with you in this post. I think its human nature to compare ourselves to others. I got very deflated a while back when i saw people that had started blogging a similar time to me, suddenly celebrating hitting 1000 followers when I had just hit 100. Then I remembered what it was about for me, its about readers and engagement. You can have a 1000 followers, but if no one is commenting, they are not an engaged audience. That made me feel better, and now I dont sweat it! Just enjoy xxxx

  10. I think this nails it to the point. I think we as bloggers put so much pressure into ourselves that we overcomplicate it. I think it shows that we all really truly care about our craft though

  11. I really needed to read this today because it’s exactly how I’ve been feeling. I was working on blog stuff earlier and getting so down because I didn’t feel like what I was producing was as good as other people’s. I had to take a step back, have a cup of tea and remind myself that I’m not doing it do be as good as anyone else, I’m doing it for me. We just have to remember sometimes that we are good enough and just because we’re not somebody else, nobody can ever do us as well as we do either x


    1. It’s difficult to stay motivated when comparing yourself to others. Your blog is amazing and I love your content! I agree with what you said, you’re doing it for yourself and that’s what matters.

  12. Yup, I relate to this ! I “dealt” with pressure by trying to blog the best that I can, and by learning how to do new things (like learning how to use photoshop, a camera … ). That way, i know i put my best in it, and I think it’s more important than doing it perfectly in my opinion ! 😊

  13. I think it’s so sad that sometimes writers don’t want to write because they are worried not about their writing, but about their photo skills. As a blind person who can neither see other people’s photos nor take my own without help, I’m sad that I might be missing out on reading some really cool and interesting posts because people were worried about the images and therefore didn’t write the posts. There is so much pressure for perfection now and I think that makes it harder for people to be themselves, because of the expectations around what everyone else is doing or writing about. I don’t have any advice, but being ourselves is what makes each blog unique, and I hope in the coming months we’ll all feel more empowered to do that.

    1. Your comment moved me so much! I’ll do my best and write great content even though sometimes my photos may not be as good. Being yourself is the best thing you can do. Thank you for this <3

  14. I specifically set out to have a realistic blog that twenty- and thirty-something women could relate to, so that helps a lot. Sometimes I do get frustrated with myself “why aren’t these pictures better?”, “I could have written that in a more effective way”, but I remind myself that people do still read and enjoy it, and that an imperfect blog post is better than none at all!

  15. I can really relate to this, sometimes I think I may have writers block but in reality, I have lots of ideas I just don’t think I can execute them as well as other bloggers can also if it helps I really do love your posts though!.

  16. hunni you have summed up exactly how I have been feeling the last couple of days. Your blog is amazing and I love reading it. Please never stop or ever feel you arent good enough, I love reading your blog <3 Keep it up hunni and take a break whenever you need xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Sometimes I see people saying things online and take them way too personally even when they’re not aimed at me. I just have to work on that!

  17. Hi!! I absolutely relate into this one. That plus that I’m a crazy perfectionist has summed up in me taking way toooo long to even start thinking about drafting or writing any new posts to publish. But it’s OK! I don’t think there’s any need on being super perfect while writing a blog: that’s only expected on a few professional blogs which, personally, I don’t read that much. On the other side, it’s actually in smaller blogs that I find myself most comfortable, reading other blogger’s thoughts about quotidian experiences and things of the everyday life.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! I’m sure everything will eventually go better while blogging 🙂


    1. Thank you! Smaller bloggers are so much more relatable and accessible. I feel so much more confident to ask them questions than when I visit a big blog.

  18. I agree with all of this, I absolutely love seeing other bloggers flourish and get amazing opportunities but it can really de-motivate you sometimes (i mean this in the nicest way) when you’ve been trying super hard but just haven’t been getting anywhere. Creativity and motivation comes in waves though and it’s just important to take advantage of it when it does hit you and not worry about having a break from time to time because we ALL need it. And you don’t have to have the money to buy loads of fancy things, you do you!!
    Alice Xx

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