The best way to remove makeup
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The best way to remove your makeup

There are so many different products designed to make removing makeup (and our lives) a little bit quicker and easier. We’ve got cleansers, micellar water, face wipes, oils, face gels… The list just goes on and on and the shelves in every store literally bend underneath their weight. I always face the same problem when it comes to cleaning my face after a long day. First of all, I am tired and all I want at that moment is go to bed and binge-watch some Netflix (anyone else obsessed with Riverdale at the moment?). Second of all… well I’m a bit lost as to what product I should actually use to remove my makeup to make it quick but at the same time effective. So what is the best way to remove your makeup?

As tempting as it is, going to bed with your makeup still on is not a great idea. At night we tend to sweat, dribble (at least every now and then, I won’t tell) and toss and turn meaning that apart from wiping your makeup on the sheets, you’re also more likely to clog your pores and end up breaking out A LOT. Makeup products can dry your skin out as well. It’s in your best interest to wash your face before bed so you can avoid many unpleasant situations in the morning. Like, for example, trying to wash off foundation stains off your new bedding, because that is impossible.

So, how should you go about removing that makeup?

The best way to remove your makeup

Makeup wipes 

Makeup wipes are just so easy to use. One wipe, 30 seconds and your face is clean. I love using them myself. Whilst they are not necessarily the cheapest method of removing makeup (as you only get around 25 wipes in one packet), it’s definitely the easiest. Unfortunately, makeup wipes aren’t the best method of removing your makeup. Whilst it may feel like your face is clean and all of your makeup stayed on that one wipe, it’s most certainly not true. In fact, you transfer all the oil residue, dust and dirt around your face with that one wipe clogging your pores instead of cleaning them. On its own, it’s definitely not the best way to remove your makeup. Which leads us to the next point.

One product is not enough

Beauty experts always say that using one product to clean your face is not enough. As I explained it above, using one wipe on your face can cause more damage than good. It doesn’t mean you have to stock up on them or throw them away and never look in that direction again. Wipes can be a great first step in your evening routine as they remove the initial part of your makeup. Which means other products can be more effective and work their magic even better. Whatever you choose to you, make sure that your skincare routine involves more than using one product. Your skin will thank you for it.

Store-bought doesn’t have to mean ‘better’ than natural

My skin is very sensitive and reacts to a vast majority of products I use. Most of the time it causes redness, hotness and feeling like my skin is getting really tight. Which is why it is sometimes good to try out a more natural way of removing makeup. The best products to use are oils – in my house it’s mostly coconut oil, but you can use olive oil, jojoba or any other natural oil. Very often they can also be a lot cheaper than actual makeup removal products. Oils are great when it comes to removing any type of makeup, even the toughest waterproof mascara or kissproof lipsticks. They also don’t dry out your skin like most other products do.

Use products designed for the cosmetics you’re wearing 

If you’ve been in this makeup world for a while, you’ll know that not all products remove your makeup perfectly. Since getting some kissproof and smudge-proof lipsticks, I have been really struggling with washing them off my lips. To the point where I would try to scratch it off with my nails (do not try this at home, or anywhere else for that matter). Pulling excessively on your skin will cause it to stretch and damage it. If you’re wearing difficult-to-remove makeup like eyeliner, opt-in for an oil-based remover (or an oil in general). For a light natural makeup, you don’t have to use heavy cleansers, but if you have a full-face makeup on, cleansing water will not wash it off properly.

Finish off with the right moisturiser 

It’s not about how you start, it’s how you finish… Or something like that. It is important to seal your clean skin with the right moisturiser. All the scrubbing and rubbing can be tough on your face leaving it bare and unprotected. Moisturising it will restore its energy, hydrate it and prepare it for the next day. It’s important especially when you have dry skin, but it doesn’t mean people with oily skin should skip it as it can control the oil buildup as well.

The best way to remove your makeup

Now you’re all ready to go to bed! Doesn’t it just make you feel more fresh and clean?

Until next time xx

What do you use to remove your makeup? 

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32 thoughts on “The best way to remove your makeup”

  1. Couldn’t agree more with the idea that one product isn’t enough! Honestly this is so true, I hate how long it takes for my makeup to fully go- I mean no leftover mascara or eyeliner. I like to use wipes as well as my miscellar water then I like to exfoliate my skin to ensure it’s all gone xxx

    1. It’s so difficult to take your makeup off compared to putting it on! I can literally do it in 10 minutes and then it’ll take me 30 minutes to wash my face completely. Exfoliating is my favourite <3

  2. It’s so important to remove your makeup and cleanse your face properly! Even though I’m the youngest I’ve had to teach this to my three sisters and it has taken them so long to realise how important it is. Personally I use two different makeup removers and then a cleanser and my face feels amazing after :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  3. I can totally vouch on the lipsticks thing. I would wear intense colors that would be horrible to take off. I definitely need more products for different kinds of makeup

  4. I actually hate removing my makeup. But I use a micellar water and then sometimes double cleanse with a face wash. I really want to try a cleansing balm/oil as they seem really great for your skin x

    1. I haven’t tried a cleansing oil yet, but I am very curious about it! The problem is I’ve got a mixed skin type so I’m not sure if it would be good for the oily parts

  5. I have to say, one of my favourite parts of the day is removing my make up. I love how clean and fresh my skin feels. I tend to wear tinted moisturisers at the moment, so a good pre-cleanser is something I have added in lately. Thanks for sharing xx

  6. Lovely post! I wear less makeup on a regular basis but when I am wearing I use Bioderma Micellar water to remove the water proof makeup twice and then I wash my face with Cetaphil cleanser. Use a good moisturizer and then I am done 🙂

  7. I used to use make-up wipes because they were so easy to use but now I’ve moved over to micellar water and I find it much more effective at removing my mascara and eyeliner! I always forget to moisturise though 🙈

    Chessie | 🌿

  8. I’m a makeup wipe junkie, I did have a proper removal routine for quite a while but i’m just so lazy when it comes to it and I’ve always been lucky to have quite nice skin so took advantage of it. I always put on a moisturiser after though as I know how important it is to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated! I cannot stand the micellar water personally, I much prefer cream cleansers!
    Alice Xx

    1. You’re lucky with your skin! I never really had too many problems with mine, it’s only recently it started to break out more often, which is annoying. Thank you for your comment!

  9. Completely agree with you on this one: It’s not about how you start, it’s how you finish!! Finding the right one for you to finish on is a huge game changer! Well it was for me!! I went for so many years without a proper removal routine. Now I have one my skin has improved so much! Whatever people do, as long as they remove thats the main thing i think! Great post xx

    1. I’m on and off with wipes, I use them if I’m really tired but I have to wash my face with something else as I don’t feel it does its job in 100%. I used to use lotions but they always irritated my eyes! haha

  10. I agree in terms of face wipe they leave your face feeling red and sore and essentially running bacteria around

    I love to use micellar water followed by a ball or cleansing oil. Really helps to remove last traces of make up. You should try body shop cleansing butter or loreal cleansing oils. My two top favourites !

  11. I honestly love micellar water, I use the Garnier one and it’s amazing and removing your make-up. I don’t know how I ever used to just use make-up wipes! It definitely doesn’t remove everything properly. Even if I double cleanse there can sometimes still be make-up left when I use my toner so it’s definitely important to use more than one thing, I think 🙂 xx


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