L'Oreal Pure Clay Face Mask

Step up your skincare routine with L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Mask

Winter is still in full swing and with the upcoming weather warnings of the temperature dropping to even -10 Celsius degrees, our skin is bound to take a real hit. It’s already been going through a lot with many of us indulging in delicious Christmas food and alcohol (oh take me back to the good times), wearing layers of makeup and very often not following the best skincare routine for at least a week. Add university stress on top of it because so many deadlines are coming up in January and you have a recipe for a very unhappy skin. And how hard is it to get back into the routine after having a break? I don’t know about you but I’ve been fighting breakouts and the dullest of skin since the beginning of the year. Luckily for me, I came across a miracle in a pot. Here’s how you can step up your skincare routine with one little product – L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Mask.L'Oreal Pure Clay Face Mask

The product(s)

L’Oreal is a company I never really gave two thoughts about. It always seemed way too expensive and out of my league. And even though I don’t have any more money, if anything I have it less than ever, I’ve learnt that, actually, L’Oreal is equally as affordable as other brands I have been using. They came up with an amazing Clay range starting off with hair products and now they are incorporating it into their skincare range. If you’re not exactly sure about putting clay on your face, I can assure you it is 100% natural. Clay is simply decomposed rocks and is packed with minerals which have a great impact on your skin. Based on the minerals inside it, clay can have a different colour – pink, white, grey, blue and green. They all target different skin problems and can be used in a variety of ways.

L’Oreal created five different clay masks, each with a blend of three clays, that aim to help with different areas of your skincare. The Blemish Rescue Mask (blue) is there to unclog your pores and clean your skin. The Glow Mask (red) brightens and exfoliates your face. The Bright Mask (yellow) aids to even out the skin tone and illuminate your face. The Purity Mask (grey) mattifies and purifies your skin, while the Detox Mask (black) is meant for a skin detoxifying effect. Because of the fact that each mask is meant for a different issue, L’Oreal suggest multi-masking – a practice where you apply different face mask on the skin areas with a certain problem. If you want to find out what mask combinations are the best for sleep deprivation or after a night out, you can find it here.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Face Mask

The use

I always feel like my skin looks very dull unless it’s super tanned which, let’s be honest, is pretty difficult when we barely get any daylight. It also tends to be slightly more yellow and dark in certain parts of my face. With that in mind, I decided to go for the Glow Mask and the Bright Mask – both sounded like they could spring my skin back to life. Both masks (and others in the range) have little bits inside them which work as a gentle face scrub when you’re washing the face masks off. To see the best results you’re advised to use it 2-3 times a week for around 5-10 minutes. I prefer to apply it with a face brush as it makes it a lot easier to get better coverage. When the time is up, wash it off with lukewarm water using your hands or a cloth. Washing the mask off with my hands has worked out a lot better than using a cloth but I know it’s up to personal preferences.L'Oreal Pure Clay Face Mask

The verdict

From the moment I opened the little pots, I noticed the difference in the consistency of the two masks. While the Glow Mask looks more solid and compact, the Bright Mask is more runny. They both have a really nice gentle smell and are very easy to apply. Despite their small size, there really is a lot of product inside – I was using the Glow Mask religiously for two weeks now and it still looks like no one has used it. It also means that you don’t actually need a lot of it applied to your skin for it to work. I prefer quite a thick coverage when I put a face mask on and still felt satisfied with it despite putting so little on. The mask doesn’t pull your face as much as other masks I’ve tried even when it’s completely dry. It makes for a nice change to be able to still hold a conversation instead of trying to talk in sign language. Because there will always be that one person who cannot wait for 10 minutes and have to ask you hundreds of questions at that particular time. *Sigh*

As for the effects – my skin feels and looks a lot healthier now. It’s got a nice glow to it and the patches of discoloured skin seem to be fading away. I also have fewer blemishes than I did when I started. My skin seems to be regenerating quickly and I have a lot more confidence to go out without makeup.

In my opinion, the masks are a great hit and you should stock up on them. You will not regret it.

All Pure Clay face masks are now on offer at Boots (shop here) – you can get one pot for £5.99 and considering it will last for a long time, I think it’s worth considering!

I can’t wait to try the rest of the masks in the range.

Until next time xx

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8 thoughts on “Step up your skincare routine with L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Mask”

  1. I’ve heard so many good things about these masks! I love how there’s different masks for different purposes so that you can target each area of your face for whatever problem it has. Clay masks are always so good for my skin, so I’d love to try these out. They’re so affordable as well in comparison to most other masks x

    Alice http://www.accordingtoalicex.com

    1. I used to get the little cheaper face masks but all I got out of them was maximum two uses and compared to this pot, its size and price, it’s really worth it to get the L’Oreal one as it will last a really long time.

  2. I think I’ve just found a new product to use on my blemished skin! These sound amazing and I love how there’s different ones, makes it more appealing to a wider audience. I am having problems with my skin at the moment, I think it’s thanks to the weather which is awful! I feel with these I could get it back in shape! Thank youu for introducing these to me. I wouldn’t have thought to try L’Oreal products before.

    Gemma | http://www.anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com

  3. I’m so surprised with how many good things I’ve heard about these masks! I think i’m yet to see anything negative which is great for drugstore masks. I’m currently testing out a glamglow mask and so far it isn’t doing all that much for me, maybe I will give these a go after seeing as they’re soo much cheaper!
    Alice Xx

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