Save your damaged hair with only ONE product - Eveline Cosmetics 8in1 hair mask
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Save your damaged hair with only ONE product!

I remember saying that I would never dye my hair when I was little. Well… That changed very quickly. I went through so many colours and it makes me dizzy sometimes. What started with highlights and went through light blonde, dark brown turned into rose gold (because my obsession is real) and finally just gold. Apart from that, I used to straighten it or curl or whatever I felt like doing. So I was not surprised when my hairdresser told me off and said my hair would fall out if I didn’t start looking at it properly. For once, I actually decided to look after it. And I saved my very damaged hair using only ONE product.

I took it to my heart when I was told I would lose my hair. I mean it wouldn’t be ideal, I still wanted to have something on my head. And I wasn’t ready to chop the damaged bit off because I’d be left with a hairstyle out of The Great Gatsby. Or Rihanna’s Umbrella (ella, ella, e, e) hair. She looked great, but I wasn’t ready for that. So I ran into the nearest drugstore and picked up every hair product that was available there. And then I put it back because I’d rather have short hair than no money.

I needed one product that would do all the work. Just one product that would change the way my hair felt and looked. Luckily for me, it was the first product that I decided to buy that worked.

Save your damaged hair with only ONE product - Eveline Cosmetics 8in1 hair mask

Eveline Cosmetics created an amazing miracle-working hair mask that made me believe there’s still hope for my hair. It caught my attention because it said that it would do the work of 8 separate products on its own. And it says ‘liquid silk’ – I’d buy it just because of that. Eveline Cosmetics Art Stylist Professional 8in1 (it’s a mouthful) is meant to hydrate, smooth, restore, nourish, regenerate, strengthen and protect your hair making it more elastic, shiny and easy to comb. And it really does make a difference. Its ingredients include argan and keratin oils. It boasts about having 3x more argan oil than any other hair mask out there. I mean, I’m not a hairdresser, but it speaks to me on so many levels. The more the better, isn’t it?

Instructions say that after shampooing your hair you should gently massage the product into your hair and leave it there for 3-5 minutes. I did a bit more than that – I just thought my hair needed it. After applying the hair mask I tied my hair up in a bun. Then I wrapped it all in cling film and a towel. And then I sat on the floor for 30 minutes scrolling through Twitter. When the time was up I just rinsed my hair and I was done!

I can’t explain to you how soft my hair feels now. How incredibly sleek and shiny it is. I don’t think it was in a condition like that… EVER. There’s still a long way ahead of it, but Eveline hair mask changed everything for me. I don’t keep it on for 30 minutes anymore, but I no longer need to. The recommended 5 minutes does a great job. Yes, I still use it every time I wash my hair, but at the same time I saved money as I gave up on a conditioner (I haven’t found a one that would make me as happy as the hair mask).

Save your damaged hair with only ONE product - Eveline Cosmetics 8in1 hair mask

I would definitely recommend giving this little baby a try. After all, it costs only around 10 (don’t hold me to that, it’s unavailable on UK Amazon so I converted US Amazon price into pounds), works for 8 different products, lasts a really long time (and I’ve got long hair) and it makes such a big difference. Give it a go and let me know!

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What products do you use to help your hair restore its shine and health?

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25 thoughts on “Save your damaged hair with only ONE product!”

  1. I love trying different types of hair masks instead of conditioners. I feel they work better for my hair to keep is smooth and shiny. This looks like a really good hair mask. 🙂 I am definitely going to buy it. Added to my shopping list 🙂

  2. Wow! That sounds amazing! I worry about my hair as I have it highlighted (sadly using bleach) and sometimes my hair can feel dry and damaged so I’d love to try this!! Xx

  3. I actually love it when the first product you buy doesn’t disappoint, it’s so satisfying haha. I definitely need to give this a go to give my hair some much needed loving x

  4. This is such a handy post! But the sounds of this product I need it too, I damaged my hair after dyeing it blonde (bleaching) so silly now I need this haha xx

  5. It sounds absolutely amazing as a hair mask, and I would have kept it on for the same amount of time as you as my hair really needs the extra care! I’ll be checking this out on amazon x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  6. Ooo this sounds like a must have . I used to colour my hair often so it’s always great to find a product that’s a life saver ! 🙂

    Great post xx

  7. This sounds amazing!! I’m currently using a hair mask called Chirp and sulfate free shampoo & conditioner and my hair is loving it right now xx

  8. Wow, you are so lucky to have found something that fixes your damaged hair! I know loads of people that have dyed their hair and are now struggling to keep it from drying out – I will definitely recommend it to them. Also LOVE the fact you dyed your hair rose gold 😍 xx

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