Remove your hair permanently with Philips Lumea
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Remove your hair permanently with Philips Lumea

As the days get shorter and we transition into the times of long cosy evenings with the logs crackling in the fireplace, we tend to relax a bit with our shaving routines. I mean, putting on jeans does not require us to have our legs shaved above our ankles, at least not on such a regular basis. Let’s be honest, no one wants to spend more time coming up with weird stretches in the bathroom just to make sure that spot at the back of the thigh doesn’t have a patch of hair growing in its full swing. Only to discover one next to your ankle when you get out of the shower. Every. Single. Time.

No wonder we look forward to winter when we can save the poses for yoga classes and not risk our lives in the shower (or staining your fresh new Christmas bedding with blood, because somehow I always end up cutting myself when I shave).

This year, I’m using the opportunity not only to save me time now but also benefit me in the summer when my legs are expected to be as hairless as possible. To do so, I purchased a Philips Lumea IPL hair removal device. This beauty promises to give you up to 8 weeks of hairless skin! And that also means 8 weeks when you don’t have to pick up the razor. Let’s talk some more about that, shall we?

Remove your hair permanently with Philips Lumea

Philips Lumea IPL uses short pulsating light which is meant to stop your hair from growing back. It’s suitable for most skin tones and hair colours. It gives the best result when used not too long after shaving/epilating because the most access the light has to the root of the hair, the better. This method of hair removal is one of the most popular as it is said to be the fastest and most efficient.

I was very much apprehensive when people were telling me about removing my hair using a laser or anything like that. It sounded very much Star Wars or Matrix style to me. It also looked painful whenever I saw it on TV (actual beauty shows, not ads). I stopped believing in adverts when I saw women smiling whilst waxing or epilating. It lead me to make some painful choices and now I’ve got trust issues, because, guess what, I did not smile at all. In fact, I wanted to throw my epilator across the room.

So imagine me, being pinned down to the sofa by my mum and sister aiming this pulsating light device at my armpits and me screaming even though nothing happened yet?

I’m starting to think I’m overly dramatic sometimes. 

Guess what? They pressed the button and… it didn’t hurt. All I felt was a bit of warmth like I put a hot cloth on my skin and that was it. No pain at all. To my disappointment, my hair was still there but that was just the beginning of my journey.

Remove your hair permanently with Philips Lumea

I purchased my own Philips Lumea when I got my first full-time job. I had money to spend and it was 50% off, yet it still took me about a week before I put it in my basket. Have I ever regretted it? Not even once.

I’m not going to lie, it does hurt a tiny little bit now that I started using it on its highest setting. It’s not the same pain I went through with my epilator though. It feels a little bit like being pinched and burnt at the same time (am I selling it to you yet?). The feeling is slight and very much bearable. Lower settings don’t hurt at all, but I’m impatient and my body hair is stubborn. And it leaves a funny smell in the air – after all, you are burning your hair follicles so it will smell of that. Everything we do to get rid of the body hair, eh?

That would be all the minuses I could find in using Philips Lumea. I have been using it for a while now and can see a big difference. I no longer have dark patches under my armpits that I used to have despite shaving. My hair grows back a lot slower and there is definitely less of it. In some places, there is none to be seen at all. It does take time to happen, so you need to take it into account. To see first changes, Philips says you need to use the device for at least 3 times (works out to 6 weeks as you use it every 2 weeks). I still have to use it as often as I’m not 100% satisfied with the result and I am certainly not giving up.

Remove your hair permanently with Philips Lumea

To sum up, Philips Lumea is definitely a device worth investing in. I did not end up with 8 weeks of hair free legs (yet!) but it definitely made my life so much easier. I would highly recommend it if you’re tired of shaving and the whole pain of it. And if you want your skin to look like you put a lot of effort into it when, well, you didn’t have to do it for a couple of weeks.

Until next time xx

What methods do you use to remove your body hair?

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20 thoughts on “Remove your hair permanently with Philips Lumea”

  1. This sounds amazing! I usually shave but I also own an epilator which I use under my arms but it hurts so much on my legs… I’ve actually been thinking about going to laser treatments but they cost a small fortune so something like this would be absolutely perfect :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  2. This looks so cool, however, don’t think I could wait for the results haha. I normally just shave, but I get so lazy. I really want to epilate – even though the pain terrifies me, but it seems 10x more effective than shaving. Why do we have to grow hair in unwanted places, it just makes us have another chore to do x

    1. I know right! It would be so much easier if we could grow hair only where we wanted it to grow! Epilating made a massive difference, at least in my case, combined with Lumea my hair is pretty much gone now!

  3. I looked into this but I was worried because I have super sensitive skin! I use the Panasonic wet/dry razor and it’s great – it doesn’t get such a close shave as a normal razor but it’s perfect for when you just need to quickly shave your legs and aren’t too worried about people getting too close!x

  4. I love the sound of this product! It’s definitely something for me as I truly hate waxing or shaving my legs, like it feels like a chore. I very much agree with you about winter and shaving, like we definitely do not do it! Why bother eh, I would love to get my hands on one, but they are a bit dear.

    Gemma |

  5. As much as I love the idea of not having to shave for so long, the smell makes me want to be sick, or at least it used to when my sister had one.. 😶 I might have to give it a re-try and see if I can deal with the smell better nowadays!

  6. This sounds like an amazing product and I definetely think you’ve sold it to me based on the fact it doesn’t hurt as much as an epilator! I love your photography too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

    1. I completely understand that because I’m like that as well! But I try and push myself out of my comfort zone more and more and discovered a lot about myself!

  7. Hahah your reaction is the same as I imagine I’d be! I’m terrified at the thought of using any laser hair removal but I’m glad I read this post as I really enjoyed finding out how this product works! I wanna try it now xx

  8. This sounds fabulous! Shaving is such a chore, so much so that I can’t even be bothered to do it half the time! I’d love to get my hands on one of these but it’s just being able to afford it. They look well worth it though.
    Alice Xx

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