How my phone helped me lose weight - Lifesum review
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How my phone helped me lose weight

Okay so, let me say it first – I am not an expert, this is not a sponsored post and everything I write about is my own personal opinion. Now that we got this clear we can move on to the fun bits. My phone really did help me lose weight. All thanks to a little free app called Lifesum – a healthy lifestyle app that lets you track everything you eat during the day. Losing weight has not been a big concern of mine. My goal is to live a healthy life and that is why I decided to give it a chance.  Here’s my Lifesum review.

I first came across Lifesum watching a Youtube vlogger (thanks, Tanya!). At the beginning, I did not understand her excitement about it, but my curiosity won and I decided to see what the whole fuss is about. I would not have downloaded the app if it wasn’t for free by the way, I wasn’t going to just throw my money at them without trying it out first. I still haven’t paid for anything on there, even though I am getting more and more tempted (those premium features though!).

Lifesum logo

The basics

The app has an easy to use layout. When you first open it, you are presented with three options: stay healthy, lose weight or gain weight. Your choice then impacts on the type and amount of food the app recommends. You can change it anytime though, so no pressure. You will need to enter some personal details as well, like date of birth and your name. The app also offers the opportunity to make a full-on account finished with a photo and add friends to motivate each other ( you’re more than welcome to add me!).


If you go past all that, you get to the core of the app – the main screen. At the beginning of every day, you get a certain number of calories you can consume. It also breaks down the amount of carbs, protein and fat you can eat. If you scroll down below, you get to see little empty cups of water you can fill in with every drink you have during the day. On iPhones, the app will make a sound when you do that. Android users can’t be satisfied with this sound just yet (I hope it will change). The app will also send you reminders to drink more during the day, so you can never really forget to grab that bottle of water ever again.

Lifesum main menu

Underneath the water tracker, you have five different sections: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack and Exercise. You fill them in as you go by either scanning the barcode of everything you eat or entering it manually. The app breaks down the recommended calorie intake for the day into smaller chunks to advise you how much you should eat for each meal. The best part is that the more you exercise the more you’re allowed to eat, which I find pretty rewarding. There’s nothing better to do your exercise and see you’ve burnt enough calories to have a nice Oreo doughnut. After all, it’s all about the balance, isn’t it?

The Tests

I would really recommend taking the Health Test at the beginning of your journey. The questions are all about different types of foods and exercises and how often you include them in your life. It doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes and you’ll be presented with your score and the app will tell you how healthy you really are. Don’t get discouraged if your score is low – it updates every week and depending on what you’ve eaten it will add or take the points away.

Lifesum health test

Another useful test to take is the Plan Test. It is even shorter than the Health Test and it helps you determine which diet plan fits you the best. I was put on the Standard Basic Health diet which is aimed to help me stay healthy but at the same time not limit my choice of foods. I’m very pleased with that because the last thing I want is to feel like I am on a diet and can’t eat something – it would only make me crave it more.

Lifesum plan test

The Premium

The app offers its users the option to purchase Lifesum Premium membership.

At a little price of £2.99 per month (if you opt in for a 12-month subscription – if you choose to try it out for a month only it goes up to £6.99) you get a much wider selection of choices within the application. Premium membership unlocks a vast selection of recipes for every time of the day. It also lets you track additional measurements like your arms and waist and automatically adds your workout if you synchronise it with a fitness app or a wearable (a Fitbit, for example). Becoming a premium member gives you a better choice in diet plans to fit your lifestyle and the app rates everything you eat to give you an overall score at the end of the week with tips and advice to improve your performance (if necessary). Nice little features, aren’t they?

Lifesum Premium Lifesum Premium

My experience

I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to learn to drink enough to fill in all the required cups of water (you get a little trophy when you do, it makes me so happy, I feel sorry for myself sometimes). And it turned out that I was consuming nearly twice as much fat as I should! Here I was thinking I was a carbs kinda girl. Seeing that made me realise what I was doing wrong with my diet (even though I thought I was eating fairly healthy). Now I don’t really go over any of my allowances (at least I try to) and drink plenty, plenty, plenty of water. And I don’t even have to pay a penny to make sure I stay on track. How cool is that?

Lifesum main menu

I would definitely recommend Lifesum to everyone and I wouldn’t be saying it if I didn’t like it. I know it’s good because I have never actually stuck to one app for so long. It gets addicting, trust me. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something at the end of each day – even the app itself tells me that I’m a champion. And now everyone in my household is using it religiously. It’s so much fun seeing them scanning the barcode of everything they eat! It’s like living in a grocery store 😀

What do you think of the app? Did my Lifesum review convince you to give it a go?

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