The only guide to soft lips you'll need this autumn
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Pucker up! The only guide to soft lips you’ll need this autumn

Autumn is slowly spreading its wings and colouring the leaves. I got really excited when I was going along the motorway and all the trees were turning orange and red – it looked so pretty! My lips also turned different shade; loving the berry and red lipsticks! I tend to go for matte products as I don’t like too much shine on my lips (it makes me feel like I’m back in the 00s). Unfortunately, my lips are not really enjoying it as much as I am. Being constantly covered with products combined with chilly weather makes them chapped and not looking very attractive with or without a lipstick. Autumn and winter always mean I have to give my lips extra attention and love. I decided to give you my one and only guide to soft lips. Interested? Keep reading.

The only guide to soft lips you'll need this autumn

Stay hydrated

Boring? Maybe, but so true. Our lips are the first organ which can alarm us that we don’t drink enough water. Simply because it’s got the thinnest layer of skin on top! It gets dry the quickest and that should be the sign for you to pick up that bottle of water. I find it even more difficult to stay hydrated in Autumn and Winter because as soon as it gets cold, it’s more difficult to realise that I’m thirsty. I can go the whole day without drinking a drop of water until I realise in the evening that I haven’t drunk anything. So I try to down a whole jug of water. Never works out very well.

If you’re like me and can’t go a day without a coffee, please remember that for every cup of coffee, you need to drink two glasses of water. Caffeine has dehydrating properties, no matter how weak you drink it! Greeks serve you a glass of water with a frappe for a reason. Drinking soft drinks isn’t exactly helpful either. Yes, it will hydrate you, but at the same time, you’ll give your body a lot of sugar and additives. Nothing will help your lips more (and your body in general) than water.

Scrub regularly

It’s no secret – our bodies shed dead skin and replace it with new younger skin cells. Lips are no different! To make them look pouty, fresh and pink you need to remember to scrub it regularly. For me, I do it every Sunday. I take out my Lush lip scrub (bubblegum flavour, I could eat it spoonfuls of it) and rub it on my lips using my index finger. I used to do it with my toothbrush, but my lips would always hurt and sometimes even bleed if I did that so I had to become more gentle with it. There are so many great lip scrubs out there, the choice is limitless! More than that – you can do your own one! Works out a lot cheaper as well. All you need is some granulated sugar and your favourite ingredients! I like to mix mine with vanilla essence, coconut oil and honey, but you can put what your heart desires in it.

Scrubbing your lips once a week also prompts you to give your pucker a little bit of a massage. Massaging for around 5 minutes improves the blood flow in your lips making them look more pink and alive than ever!

The only guide to soft lips you'll need this autumn


When you start moisturising your lips from the inside, it’ll be a lot easier to keep them healthy looking from the outside. You should always carry around a lip balm in your purse and apply it to your lips when they feel dry, especially when you’re out in cold weather. But don’t forget to moisturise your lips at night! Drop in temperature results in the air becoming dry and very often you can wake up with a throat feeling like a Sahara desert and your lips looking like they haven’t seen a drop of water in three years. There are two ways to avoid it. One, you can apply honey, ghee, cooking cream or even milk on your lips for 15 minutes before going to bed. Two, you can use a lot of vaseline. Which leads us to the next point.

Create your own chapped lips serum

I have come across this little invention where I found out I had Lichen Planus. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a condition where your immune system fights with your skin resulting in an itchy red rash. It’s not contagious or dangerous, but highly annoying because there is basically nothing that can help it. Most websites will say that it disappears on its own but it can take up to 18 months. That’s a year and a half! Even my doctor wasn’t very optimistic about it. Imagine how desperate I was to make it go away quicker. Luckily, I found a little mention on one of the websites (after months of searching) that I wasn’t completely doomed. I was recommended to try making my own cream using vaseline and propolis. The latter is basically a combination of beeswax, bee saliva and anything plant-related that bees bring back to their hives. It is very easy to find – I purchased mine from a local beekeeper for barely anything, but I know it’s sold in many health shops and online. Just make sure to buy a raw one, not already in a lip balm or any sort of cosmetic.

The only guide to soft lips you'll need this autumn


To make your own cream you need to melt vaseline in a bowl over simmering water (not boiling!). When it’s melted slowly add your propolis. There are many instructions out there on what measurements you should use, but from experience, I can tell you that it all depends on propolis you bought and vaseline. I advise you to put it in bit by bit and stir well until it’s melted completely and merged with the vaseline. Then you can add more repeating this step until you are satisfied with the colour and smell and propolis is not mixing with vaseline. When everything is mixed together simply pour it back into the vaseline container and leave it to set!

Pro tip: if you can use a bowl and a mixing spoon that you no longer care about and wouldn’t mind throwing it out – the mixture got stuck to mine and I had to spend ages trying to get it off. After all, it is bee glue.

This invention helped my skin immensely and I cannot recommend it enough to you. I no longer have this skin condition – more than that, my skin is ever so soft! You can apply this to any body part you need to. I’m not even joking, people claim it can also cure burns and cuts. Never tried it on that, so I can’t promise it actually works. Still, it has amazing benefits to your skin, including your lips, and the moisturising properties are insane.

Pro tip: I’d advise you to first do a patch test on your skin to see if you’re not allergic. Just because you’re not allergic to honey doesn’t mean you won’t have a reaction to propolis.

Stray from licking, biting and touching

This is such a difficult one if you’ve been doing it for ages! The more chapped and cracked my lips are, the more I bite them and lick them to make them look better. And that leads to them becoming even drier and more damaged. It’s a vicious circle we all need to avoid. Saliva may feel like it’s moisturising your lips, but because of the enzymes inside it, it causes more damage than help by drying your lips even more. Touching your lips is also not the best idea – just think about all the nasty germs you’re transferring so close to your mouth! Remember when I told you why you shouldn’t touch your face (read here if you forgot)? The same rule goes for touching your lips. Stray away from it. Apply that lip balm instead. Your lips will thank you for it.

The only guide to soft lips you'll need this autumn

In the craziness and excitement of Autumn and Christmas do not forget to look after your lips. As long as you follow these simple steps regularly and don’t forget to stay hydrated, your lips will pay you back by holding the lipstick a little bit better and looking just that one bit more beautiful. If you want that Kylie Jenner pout, you need to work for it. Soft lips, here we go!

Until next time xx

How do you look after your lips?

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27 thoughts on “Pucker up! The only guide to soft lips you’ll need this autumn”

  1. This post is my new holy grail 🙌🏾 So many great tips. As much as I love Autumn, I hate what the colder weather does to my lips. This is great! Thanks x

  2. I really need to pick up another LUSH lip scrub, the bubblegum one is so delicious! My lips are so cracked and on the verge of bleeding recently so will definitely stick to some of these tips x

    1. My lips cracked for the first time a couple of days ago and I knew autumn was truly here haha but I moisturised it a lot and luckily the crack is gone now

  3. I always have to use a lip scrub because my lips get so bad in the winter – the lush bubblegum scrub is my go too! X

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  4. Staying hydrated is so important! I actually downloaded a water app on my phone which reminds me to drink every few hours, it’s so handy. Scrubbing is also important but you shouldn’t scrub too often either, I used to do it every day which wasn’t good for my lips. Once a week is perfect like you said :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  5. How amazing is the Lush bubblegum scrub?! I love it so so much, bubblegum is my favourite. It makes your lips soooo soft. I always use the Nivea lip balm but in the watermelon scent, again another amazing product. I’m loving those Rimmel matte lipsticks at the moment, their lasting power is incredible x


    1. It is so good! Nivea lip balms are my favourite as well, I don’t think I came across the watermelon one! I love the rose one, it gives me a slight pinky shade which I love. And the Rimmel lipsticks – a genius must have come up with that!

  6. I never scrub my lips but I really should, I am a lip balm junkie though, I have so many of them dotted around in all different bags and whatnot so I’m never without one! I’m cutting down on matte lip products too as they’re so much more work to keep applying and so much worse for dehydration! This is deffo a must-read post for A/W!
    Alice Xx

    1. I’m so bad with lip balms, I very often lose them and have to buy new ones! Matte lipsticks are my favourite, I don’t think I could go without them! I don’t wear makeup very often though so my lips have a good rest in between. Thank you!

  7. I use Tarte’s Pout Prep about 3-4 times a week (usually at night) and then go in with some Argan or Jojoba oil to keep them soft and supple. I also put a lip balm under my matte liquid lipsticks to keep everything nice and moisturized! Thanks for sharing! xo

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