Marc Jacobs romantic makeup look
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Marc Jacobs makeover – romantic makeup look

Thanks to the amazing people from Influenster I was invited for a makeover at Marc Jacobs counter in John Lewis store on Oxford Street. How amazing does that sound? As someone who doesn’t really own high-end makeup products apart from a couple of eyeshadow palettes, I was extremely excited. And nervous because I never had my makeup done by a professional makeup artist. I loved the outcome of this makeover so much that I decided to write down what products were used and how to recreate the Marc Jacobs iconic halo effect on your eyes.

Before I get into the Marc Jacobs romantic makeup look and how to achieve it, I need to say that I had an absolute star of an MUA. He made the entire experience 100 times better with his jokes and his knowledge of makeup blew my mind. He knew absolutely everything and even more than that. Not only did my makeup look incredible, I also got to meet such an amazing human being.

Now let’s get down to business!

Marc Jacobs makeover – romantic makeup look

Marc Jacobs romantic makeup look

Products used

On my face I have:

Under(cover) Coconut Face Primer

Dew Drops Gel Highlighter

Genius Gel Foundation in #14

Remedy Concealer in #1

Airblush in Flesh&Fantasy

Glowstick Highlighter in Spotlight

For my eyes:

Under(cover) Coconut Eye Primer

Eye-conic palette in Provocouture

Highliner Gel Pencil in Earthquake

Velvet Noir Mascara

Brow Wow in Medium Brown

For my lips: 

Poutliner in Oh Cocoa

Le Marc Lip Creme in J’Adore

The method

During my makeover, I was introduced to halo eye look. To create this you need to first find the darkest matte shade in your palette. Then with a small brush, you use it to create a ‘bracket’ on your eye – simply put in in your inner and outer part of your eyelid. Then repeat the same underneath your eye. Blend it in gently. Next, find a matte shade second from the darkest one and blend it in in the crease of your eye and on your bottom eyelid. Using the lightest shade fill in the space between your crease and your eyebrow. To fill in the space between your ‘bracket’ pick up a shimmery shade, ideally in a similar tone to the second matte colour you used. Pat it gently onto your eyelid. By doing this you create a slightly different take on smokey eye. To finish the look off, using an eyeliner pencil, draw lines on your upper and lower inner lashline. It’s especially helpful for people who have rather small eyes located quite deep in their skull (like me) as it makes your eyes pop and they look bigger. Then apply mascara and you’re ready to go!

Marc Jacobs romantic makeup look

The verdict

In case you haven’t noticed yet – I fell in love with this look. We actually managed to find a foundation shade that matched my skin tone perfectly. I wasn’t even able to tell the difference or where the foundation was applied, the match was so good. At the beginning, I wasn’t very sure about the initial colour on my eyes being so incredibly pink, but it blended in perfectly and complimented the look nicely. I had never tried any Marc Jacobs products before my makeover and was very pleasantly surprised with their quality. The highliner pencil is SUPERwaterproof which meant that it actually stayed on despite my eyes watering most of the time. And Velvet Noir mascara is tearproof, which was very useful as well. Normally, when I do my makeup I can feel the layer of foundation on my face – with Marc Jacobs one it felt like I had nothing on. Even my boyfriend who doesn’t like it when I wear makeup adored this look. Quite possibly because my face didn’t have this cakey look.

I will definitely be (trying) to recreate this look myself with a variety of shades!

Until next time xx

What do you think of Marc Jacobs products?

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32 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs makeover – romantic makeup look”

    1. I loved every single eyeconic palette from their range but I thought this one was way up my street! I wish I was half as talented as a MUA, that would be way more than enough for me! They’re all so good!

  1. I’ve actually never tried Marc Jacob’s makeup, because I’m definitely more of a drugstore gal, but you look absolutely incredible?! Such a great opportunity from Influenster.. 🙊

    1. I know right! I’m a drugstore kinda girl as well, so I felt so spoilt. I can definitely feel the difference between drugstore and high-end. Still, I’m not planning to suddenly spend a lot more money on my makeup, at least not until I have a stable income.

    1. The coconut primer is amazing. All of the products are to be fair! I can’t believe how good of a quality it is and when you compare it to the price it is actually quite cheap. Still way too expensive for me though 😛 maybe one day!

  2. You look super gorgeous! I’m so glad it was a nice experience for you, I always feel really intimidated by MUAs on counters as they’re usually so attractive and flawless haha! I received one of these invitations also but have been too nervous to book it, I’m thinking I might now…
    Alice Xx

    1. Definitely do it! It was so much fun. I know what you mean about feeling intimidated, I was so nervous to actually go over to the counter and felt a bit awkward when I sat down but they all make you feel so comfortable. I took my boyfriend with me for some extra support if needed and he had the time of his life as well.

  3. Ohhhh how lovely! I have never tried anything from Marc Jacobs, but heard so much about the coconut primer. I love the look they created for you, what a great way to try the products. Love the sound of the halo eye too! Thank you for sharing x.

  4. OMG, I never heard of this makeup method before. I must confess I rarely use eyeshadow or mascara (I have quite thick eyelashes and it always looks, well, wrong), but in fact I use a lot of liquid eyeliner! Anyway, I must give the look a try because it seems pretty easy and looks fab!


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