Life is boring. So what?

Life is boring. So what?

I’m going to share with you the biggest truth about life. Well… it’s boring. That’s right. But it’s not really a bad thing. Everyone’s life, no matter how big or small, gets boring. I’ll go as far as to say that even Beyonce’s life is boring, but probably less so than others simply because she’s Queen B. But before you snort at me from behind a screen and decide this post is not really worth reading, let me explain why I think life is boring. And why I think it’s important to remember about that.

Whenever I scroll through social media, and believe me I do that a lot, it seems that at least 78% of the people I follow or am friends with online have perfect lives. They eat healthy breakfasts and go to the gym whilst I sit in bed until midday, smash their tasks at work and then have time and energy to go out in the evening with their neverending group of friends. In the meantime, they travel at least once a month, because why not. It leaves me feeling that my life sucks because the most exciting thing I ever do is decide what I want to watch on Netflix.

Life is boring. So what?

And that’s not all. Apart from all the people we know and stalk on social media, there are the ‘big’ people. Our role models. The icons of the high lifestyle. We’ve got vloggers, bloggers, actors, singers, models and quite possibly all the people you can think of who could start up a revolution thanks to their massive social following. We get so sucked into their perfect lives we forget about our own. The vision of what we could have suppresses the sight of what we already have, because once you start comparing your life to theirs, well, it doesn’t seem like much.

Let’s take into consideration an average day for, let’s say, Bob. He gets up in the morning, gets on the tube during the rush hour trying not to look at anyone (God forbid you look at anyone on the tube), works his ass off for a vast majority of the day, gets back on the tube during another rush hour only to get back home, order a takeaway and fall asleep in front of TV. It’s not the most Insta-worthy vision and certainly not something that would be considered ‘exciting’. But if we look at any big vlogger it seems that their average day consists of going out, meeting friends and being constantly busy with something the average Bob can only dream of finding time for. I mean, fair play to them, they work very hard for what they’ve got, but that’s not the point.

Life is boring. So what?

We’re all guilty of picking the perfect images for our social media to pretend our lives are amazing and everyone in the 100 miles radius should be jealous of it. No one in the right mind would share a photo of them being upset, their burnt dinner or shared a status about losing their job. We spend most of our days trying to impress people most of whom we don’t even care about. We base our worth on the number of likes and views letting it fuel our self-confidence for a mere day at max. And if we get fewer likes than that girl from primary school we’ve been competing with for however many years for a reason no one actually knows, then that tiny bit of self-worth goes tumbling down.

But the comforting truth about life is the fact that everyone’s lives are boring. Some may be less boring than others, but I promise you everyone gets bored. We get stuck in our routines of home-work-home and feel a lot more comfortable without a bra and in PJs. The only thing really getting in the way of us embracing this boredom of life is social media and the fake picture of perfection it presents. But once you realise that everyone is more or less bored with their lives, you can learn to accept it and seek comfort in it. This is why I love people who produce honest and raw content. The ones who are not afraid to show that they too make mistakes and their lives are far from perfect. Because no one does exciting things on an everyday basis, have you ever thought about that?

Life is boring. So what?

If you made it this far, then thank you for giving me these 5 minutes of your attention. I hope this post left you feeling a bit better about sitting in your PJs all day. We all do it. So go on and binge-watch another TV show because that’s what life is all about, really.

Until next time xx

What are your thoughts about it?

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22 thoughts on “Life is boring. So what?”

  1. I’d say that my life is pretty boring but I love it! I love spending my days at home studying and working. I’ve followed so many vloggers and bloggers for a long time and they always say in their vlogs that their lives aren’t like that all the time. It’s so important to try and not compare your life to anyone else’s as anyone can make their life look glamorous through social media 🙂 x

    Anu | Based On blog

    1. Preach it girl! I’ve spent so much time trying to figure out what my life was missing because I was comparing it to others’ and I was never happy with it. Now that I’ve accepted it’s not always excitement and fireworks in life I feel a lot better 🙂

  2. This is so extremely true and I actually really needed to read it! Nothing is ever as perfect as it seems on social media and I always have to remind myself of that. Sometimes I feel exactly like Bob, it’s just home, work, gym, home, sleep and do it all over again. But you’re right, this is what the majority of people do and that’s okay! Although I wish I was going on fancy holidays and meeting friends every day, it’s perfectly okay to just be who I am x


    1. Thank you! Boring parts don’t make it to social media which is important to remember. And it makes going on holidays and meeting friends so much more special if you don’t do it all the time!

  3. I cannot tell you the amount of friends I have who’s lives look like a dream on social media and then I’ll meet up with them for a catch-up coffee and everything’s really falling to crap or they’re unhappy in their “perfect” relationship or “perfect” job. No one is as happy as they say they are on social media, it’s all a show for (like you said) people they rarely see or care about. I’m content in my boring life and who cares 🙂
    Alice Xx

  4. I think everyone has boring days/periods in their lives regardless of what they may show on Instagram or on camera. I mean, everyone has to eat, do their laundry, most people enjoy sitting watching TV from time to time, yet we don’t show these aspects of our lives to people on the internet because they’re, well, boring and thus don’t bring any value or entertainment to our audiences. I really enjoyed reading this post, it is very well written and covers a topic that many of us may not have otherwise thought about!

    1. That’s so right! Still, sometimes when we entertain our audience it may feel others feel like their lives are not as exciting because we all show this cool stuff online. But then no one would really put a photo of their laundry up on Instagram. I do follow a couple of accounts that do have very real and honest captions under their perfect photos which I think makes it so much more real. Thank you for your comment! I like to make people think about different things 😀

    1. Tricked you! Haha I didn’t mean that life is boring in general, it just consists of some boring things people never talk about. I’m happy you liked it!

  5. This post is so true and real. I often feel like my life is boring compared to others especially people on social media. Everyone seems to have these perfect, amazing lives on social media. I often don’t get up until I can be bothered, I don’t get most of my tasks done and I often look a mess and can’t be bothered to get ready. But I guess it’s a life I love and enjoy so I’ll take it over a high maintenance life x

    1. What a great comment! I relate to this so much. I often feel like I should be up by 6am and by 9am I should already have gone to the gym, wrote 10 posts, applied for 15 jobs and ate a beautifully presented avocado on toast if I want to be productive. When in reality I’m not productive at all in the mornings, not because I don’t want to, I just work better later in the day. And don’t worry, if I don’t have to very often I can’t even be bothered to wash my hair. It’s still my life though and just because it’s not all insta-worthy it doesn’t mean it’s not good.

  6. I definitely agree with you! Though sometimes it’s really hard not to be envious of someone’s life even though you know it’s not perfect like they make out!

    Francesca | 🌿

    1. I agree, I’m guilty of doing so as well! Especially the big bloggers/vloggers, it can make me so jealous sometimes. It’s just good to remind yourself that they get bored too.

  7. This is honestly such a real post, I completely agree with you as I lie here in bed recovering from a migraine. It hard looking at other loving some kind of luxurious lifestyle on social media but honestly I know half of them are really in the same boat as me, it’s just pointless to post a picture of a boring day! Lol . I personally need to start keeping active it’s so important to not fall into a lazy pattern- great post xx

  8. Totally agree with you. Great Post. Life is not as interesting and beautiful, we make it appear online. What we see online is an edited and glorifed version of what actually happens.

    That’s why its better to just be comfortable in what you are doing and enjoy life without getting jealous of anybody.

    1. So true! I used to chase the idea of a perfect exciting lifestyle all people I follow seem to have but I’ve realised that it’s really not that much different from mine.

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