The eyebrow game - the confessions of an over-plucker
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The eyebrow game – confessions of an over-plucker


Hi. I’m Julia. *Hi Julia* I’m addicted to plucking my eyebrows.

This is true. It started so innocently I failed to notice when my eyebrows stopped looking like they were sisters. It got to the point where they didn’t even have anything in common. From being related they turned into neighbours who never even spoke to each other. You think I’m lying?

The eyebrow game - confessions of an over-plucker

Ahhh that’s me, so unaware of the changes my eyebrows would go through. I still cringe at my old photos though. But the brows were on point!

Let me put it this way. I used to have big eyebrows (now when I look back at them, they were really nice) and one day my auntie said I needed to do something with them. As far as I can remembere she said it would “open up my eyes”. I should have told her that to do that it was enough to lift my eyelids. But I didn’t. My mum sent me to the beautician and she plucked the excess hair. It hurt like hell, but I looked alright. And I felt like a woman.

As much as I liked it, it sort of went down the hill from there. Simply because everyone in my family thinks they are as qualified as any other beautician out there. Naturally, they had a go at doing my eyebrows. Now, if you’ve never had your mum try that, you don’t know the panic you feel when she suddenly goes ‘oooops maybe that was a mistake’. RIP eyebrows.

When I moved out I had to start looking after my eyebrows on my own. I thought it would be fun to treat myself to my first ever threading session. I don’t know what the girl thought she was doing but I left with half of my eyebrows gone. OH MY GOD was my first reaction. But being me I smiled and said I liked it and PAID for her messing it up.

The eyebrow game - confessions of an over-plucker

See what happened there? Half of my eyebrow – gone. Still cringing.

I never knew that most of the time some of the hair would not grow back. I don’t blame it. If someone plucked me out of my home, I probably wouldn’t come back as well.

I found it so difficult to grow my eyebrows out again. Mostly because I was convinced that the hair that was growing back was doing so in the wrong place so I would pluck it straight away. So a few months ago when I looked in the mirror I wanted to cry because one of my eyebrows had less hair in general and was lower and shorter than the other. Which meant that I had to spend ages drawing my eyebrows on.

Are you still with me? Good, because now we’re getting to the good bits. THERE’S HOPE FOR ALL OF US. Here’s how I managed to get my eyebrows right:

Here’s how I managed to get my eyebrows right:

  1. I stopped plucking. It definitely felt like a rehab. It was so tempting to grab my tweezers and get the new hairs out. But I stayed strong. Very strong. For what felt like forever. I’m still in the process of it, but I can already see I am getting somewhere with it.
  2. I tried a lot of products to fill my eyebrows in. I mean it, I tried loads. And many methods that came with them. I used to do pointy eyebrows, but it didn’t feel right to me. I tried drawing them on with a pencil. My favourite pencil was Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil in Black Brown. Unfortunately, I think they stopped doing this shade because I couldn’t find it anywhere. By accident, I came across Models Own Now Brow! Powder in Dark Brown and I swear by it now. It is super pigmented, you do not need a lot of product to make a massive difference.
  3. It took me a while to figure out how to actually fill my eyebrows in so they don’t look like I drew them on my face. So many times have I ended up with my eyebrows so thick and dark they took half of my face and overpowered my makeup. I still get shivers when I think of it. It takes a lot of experimenting to find a look that suits you. What I do is to gently put the product on my eyebrows going from the inner corner. In short strokes, I spread the powder around my eyebrows following the direction the little hairs are growing in. I do end up with an extremely strong coverage, but I don’t leave it like that anymore (I know, I used to, people make mistakes okay?). The good thing about using a powder instead of a crayon is that you can brush it out very easily. I grab my eyebrow brush and gently rub the product out. It does go everywhere but it’s so easy to wipe off that it doesn’t matter. I found that this method gives me the most natural coverage because my eyebrows don’t have the harsh edges and my skin is only lightly tinted. I am very happy with it.

The eyebrow game - the confessions of an over-plucker

Hi, my name is Julia. *Hi, Julia* I haven’t plucked my eyebrows in a really long time. *applause*

What do you think? What do you do to get your eyebrow look?

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  1. *standing ovation* yaaaay, you have done so well hehe! I’m the opposite, I’m an under plucker *blush* My sister has to chase me with a pair of tweezers to stop me getting a mono brow!

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