Christmas gift guide for the furry friends

Christmas gift guide for the furry friends

Christmas is nearly upon us. As we stroll through endless corridors of shops and scroll through yet another web page looking for the perfect gifts, it can be so difficult to get caught up and forget what Christmas is all about. Love. Happiness. Family. Unity. To those of us who celebrate it because of religious beliefs it’s the birth of Jesus. It’s less so about the physical gifts we can give, but more about the greatest present of all – time shared together. And I think no one quite reminds us of that as much as our pets whose biggest joy comes from just that. I’m confident that those who can call themselves proud owners of any pet never struggled to find a great gift for their furry family members, but in this post, I wanted to take a slightly less traditional look at Christmas gifts. What you won’t find in this Christmas gift guide for the furry friends is yet another packet of Dreamies (which I’m sure would still make a perfect gift) but the little things that you wouldn’t necessarily see in a supermarket. Let’s dig in!

Christmas gift guide for the furry friends



Personally, I’m a massive fan of a bubbly drink. Unfortunately, I don’t always have anyone to accompany me in drinking. Pawsecco is a great way to change that. Now your dog doesn’t have to just watch you wine and dine at the table over Christmas, they can actually join in and raise a glass with you. The product is available in both white and rose, so there is something for everyone. Cheers!

Christmas gift guide for the furry friends

Starbarks Coffee

I stumbled across these on Etsy and I just had to include them in my guide. How cute are they? Now you can pretend to have coffee dates with your dog! And let’s be honest, sometimes they could be a lot better than with people.

Christmas gift guide for the furry friends

Edible Christmas Cards

It’s not a secret that dogs like to eat everything in sight. Step up your card game this year with these great edible Christmas cards! The whole card is edible and can be happily bitten on by your dog. You can even write a message inside. There is also an envelope included if you wish to send it to someone else.

Christmas gift guide for the furry friends

Cologne for mad dogs/Perfume for lady dogs

Yup, you heard me. The manufacturer advertises this as a great way to attract other dogs of opposite sex on every walk through the park. And smelling great in between baths which can be a great plus for those who are not too keen on the natural smell of dogs (especially after a good rummage through the rubbish). The sprays are cruelty-free and made from all natural products. The cologne smells of cedarwood and vetiver while the perfume carries hints of jasmine and sweet orange. Might spray some on myself while I’m at it!

Christmas gift guide for the furry friends Christmas gift guide for the furry friends


Scratch laptop

Are you even a blogger if your cat doesn’t have its own laptop? Well, yes you are, but it still makes for a great gift. Imagine sitting on a sofa casually typing up a blog post or a rapport for work while your cat sits right next to you doing its work on this scratch laptop. I’d go as far as to say that this laptop looks way better than mine, so we would have to exchange from time to time.

Christmas gift guide for the furry friends

Fish food bowl

They are super cute and I thought it was a very nice change from the regular food bowls. It can be personalised and it adds a nice touch to mealtimes.

Christmas gift guide for the furry friends

Catnip joints

Make your cat very happy and relaxed with these catnip joints! I find the idea hilarious and would love to see my cat’s reaction to them. They are handmade and wrapped in a piece of cloth, sealed securely so no catnip can come out.

Christmas gift guide for the furry friends

Sparkle cat collar

Ever fancied to have a cat dressed as 007? This stylish and sparkly cat collar is made especially for that. Pair that with the catnip joints and you’ll have your cat saving the world in no time.

Christmas gift guide for the furry friends

Despite all the gifts we can get for our pets, let’s not forget that all they really need is love and time spent together. Let’s give them some extra attention this Christmas.

Until next time xx

Which gift idea is your favourite?

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22 thoughts on “Christmas gift guide for the furry friends”

  1. Awh I love this post! My cat would love that scratch laptop haha, we recently bought her a new bed and she wouldn’t go anywhere near it until we put catnip in it! She went crazy haha x

    Francesca | 🌿

  2. I love the mix you’ve managed to find here. All I thought you could get was cheesy toys and Christmas treats. The catnip joints are hilarious! I love the pawsecco too, have you seen the cat wine? (Wine for cats not made fromπŸ˜‚)

  3. Pawsecco is so cute but my dog is so fussy I doubt she’d drink it!! I’ve got her 4 packs of treats, a unicorn teddy and a carton of puppy milk which I’m sure she’s going to love πŸ™‚ that cat scratch laptop looks great though, I imagine that’d be a brill present!
    Alice Xx

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