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Oh hi there! Thank you so much for popping in and checking on my blog.

I’m Julia. I’m 22 years old and currently living in a dreamy city of London. I love this place and the opportunities it offers. I am a passionate girl with and incredible interest in everything around me. Originally from Poland, I know what it’s like to feel out of place in a new town and/or homesick, but also to appreciate everything that life brings me on my adulthood adventure. No, I am not exactly sure what I want to do with my life. No, I am not willing to settle for anything less than what I deserve. By no means am I an expert in being an adult, but I am faking it as I go (don't we all 😉 ).

Glass of Class is a blog dedicated to everyone who gets lost and unmotivated from time to time (or every day, like me). To everyone who is obsessed with everything that includes fashion, makeup and any form of DIY. To everyone who is looking for some inspiration, advice or just an interesting read. To someone who, like me, loves quirky shops and cafes, munching on delicious chocolate cakes and rocking to F.R.I.E.N.D.s theme song. To you – my amazing reader. This blog is about you. I’m here for you. So please stay for a while longer and make yourself comfortable.

The ‘About Me’ pages always seem so cringy. The thing is that you can make a first impression only once and a first impression is a lasting impression. So people try to woo the readers saying how cool they are and how much they can help you. And indeed they can. And I love many many blogs and their writers, some of them have great ‘About’ introductions, some – not so much. Still great content though. So my advice would be – DON’T JUDGE A BLOG BY ITS ‘ABOUT ME’ POSTS. There’s so much more to a person behind that screen than the description in one blog post.